Educational matters

One of the most important assignments of the student union is to represent you as a student and to work to improve the quality of your education. Together, we have the possibility to make our voices heard, decide over our education and ensure that our interests are well taken care of. For a student, there are constantly new challenges coming up and the student union’s invaluable support is always there.

Umeå medical and health sciences works to monitor the education within three primary areas:

– Representation
– Study council
– Student cases

By representation, the student union means the union assignments that our elected representatives (the union council and the union board) have in different bodies within the university. In these bodies, we present the students’ voice and influence a varied range of matters from the rules and regulations to the budget of the university and the faculty. The study councils are the local bodies for education monitoring.  You can read more about the study councils here. The student union also represents individual students towards the university. You can read more about it here.