Union board

The union board is the union’s executive body. Student Union Board leads the union’s activities in accordance with the union’s statutes and decisions of the council. Student Union Board usually consists of eight members and a chairman appointed by the council. Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union applies broken fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Kårstyrelsens Chairman is also the union president (kårordförande), as well as kårstyrelsens two Vice-Chairman Vice kårordförande. These three together make up the union’s Presidium. Bureau also form kårstyrelsens Working Committee (AU), which ia prepares matters for the Student Union Board and is responsible for the union’s management under the board.

Duties of the union board
The union board job is to represent union members against the university and other external parties such as county councils, municipalities and others, managing the union’s assets, prepare matters to the council, organize events for members and help the organizations to run their activites. In its function to represent union members externally fill the union boardmembers some of the most important mandates on various boards and councils within and outside the university.

There are different ways to work on as a member of the student union, and against the university and partly at students. Despite the very different ways have them a common denominator, education coverage. The union’s main task is to conduct monitoring of education for all students taking a program or course within the Faculty of Medicine. Do you feel more driven towards working with social issues, there is also the opportunity for this.