Study social funds

Members of Umeå Medical Student Union (UMS), associations to UMS and student social groups whose purpose is to enrich the UMS’s members study the social life can the requests money from the fund.

If you applying money from the union, the following applies:

  • The maximum amount that can be approved per member per event is 50 SEK
  • The participants’ own contributions should amount to at least half of the applied amount.
  • Granted funds may be used to finance / subsidize members’ activities
  • An activity / activities or advertising of those carried out with funds from the UMS must not be against UMS bylaws, values or policies. For example, this means that applied funds may not finance the purchase or subsidization of alcohol.
  • Funds may not be budgeted for charity
  • To apply money from UMS Study social following criteria must be forfilled:
    – Promotes the study members’ social lives
    – Promotes interaction between the union and its members
    – Promotes interaction between the different programs or futures
  • Application dates for the activity is accepted as a rule not

For reception also applies to the following:

  • For the full reception (including re-park seating) is the ceiling established for the membership fee per new student. The sum amounts to 180 SEK. This means that the maximum amount can be Thunder reception is 180kr x number of new students.

Tips to facilitate accounting and application:

  • Advertising for the corps is usually done by our logo is on posters, booklets sitting or text describing that your event is sponsored by us.
  • At sessions where people who are not members participate, it is easiest to give members discounts on seating ticket ie using two rates. This is also easy to recognize.
  • Present as many expenses as possible during your event so it makes it easier for us to assess the size of your own contributions.
  • Sponsorship from another organization of the shrimp is not to your personal contribution.
    Use our budget templates for dinners and other events.
  • The requests do this through our digital äskningsformulär you find here

The policy for äskningar can be read in its entirety here.

Applcation periods:

As a member you can apply during in special application periods. The activity must be after application periods deadline.

Below you can find the application deadline for the coming periods.

Autumn semester:
Period 1 28/9 – 6/10
Period 2 9/10 – 17/11
Period 3 20/11 – 15/12
Period 4 18/12 – 5/1 (Application deadline reception)
Spring semester:
Period 5 8/1 – 9/2
Period 6 12/2 – 23/3
Period 7 26/3 – 27/4
Period 8 30/4 – 8/6 (Application deadline reception)

Questions regarding applications are to be submitted to studiesocialt(a)