Benefits of becoming a member

The student union’s main task is to monitor the education at all programs at the Faculty of Medicine including the doctoral program. We do this for all students. We work to maintain a high quality of the courses and to do as good a job as possible, we need as many students’ opinions as possible. The more members that we have, the more opportunity we have as a union to influence the education. Also the more that we are, the more opportunity we have to enrich the student life with more student social activities. By becoming a member of the union, you take the stand that you care about the quality of your education.

In addition, by becoming a member of the Umeå medical and health sciences student union you get the following benefits:

  • Information that provides an overview of your rights and easily accessible information about matters that could affect your education.
  • The ability to engage in educational monitoring through various agencies: student council, student union committee and the student union board.
  • Free legal advice from the Law Association if the need arises
  • The opportunity to participate in the union’s election committee.
  • An enriched student social life as you get to take part in activities such as:
    • Sportmästeriet (Organizes sport activities such as football tournaments and ski trips)
    • Festmästeriet (Organizes social activities such as brunches, parties and dinners)
    • Special events that we organize such as waffle day and Cinammonbun-day
    • applying for funds from the union to partially fund an activity that will benefit union members such as dinners, guest lectures or fika
    • visiting Kårhuset Villan and the other student pubs on campus (Origo, E-pub, Skogis) as you get the union-ID from us
    • discounted entry to activities that are co-organized by the different unions at Umeå University: such as the Umeå University spring ball and various shows such as “Spex” and StandUp

You also have the opportunity to take part in organizing the above activities, if it interests you.

  • Profile Products and discounts:
    • You can buy Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union products such as our own backpacks and hoodies, songbook Canticum and clothbags.
    • Cinema tickets at a discounted price
    • IKSU discount (union discount on top of the ordinary student discount)
    • Annual pass to Nydala artificial snow track at a discounted union price

Whether you are a member or not, you are always welcome to come to us. If you have questions about your education or if you need assistance for any problems/ maltreatment / discrimination, we are here for you.

The Student Union always stands up for you!