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Union Council


Members and  replacements are called to the union council on wednesday 25/10 kl.17.30 in the great hall of Kårhuset Villan.

The memers of the union are welcome as usual!

Contact the speaker on if you have any questions, or would like to participate!


Welcome to Umeå!


Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union wish to congratulate you who has just been accepted to Umeå university and will start studying at the Medical Faculty this fall!

Whether you are coming from far or near we are convinced that you will feel like home in Umeå. Being a student is a new phase in life for many people, filled with cramming, escapades and networking.

Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union is the student union for students at the Medical Faculty in Umeå. Our purpose is to represent you as a student and to work to improve the quality of your education. You can always come to us for advice or help, if needed.

But of course, we do a lot more! Among other things we have FestMästeriet and SportMästeriet that plan fun and exciting activities for our members. As a member of the studien union you get more student discounts, for example at IKSU. You will also be welcome to the student union pub, Villan, as well as the other student pubs at campus.

Please see our booklet here for more information about what we do! You can also find us on Facebook!

More information about how to register as a member will be sent to you, but you can register online here.

Once again, we wish to welcome you to Umeå, and we hope to see you soon!

Stina Alm,

Union president

Welcome back to another semester!


Wheather you’re starting your second or last semester at the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University this fall we at Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union warmly welcome you back after a long summer.

We would like to inform you of the possibility to represent your class in the student council for your program. This is an exciting possibility, which is a great opportunity to get to know both your program and students in other classes better. As a member of the student union you have the possibility to be elected by your classmates for this fall. Please talk to someone in your student council if you are interested in this opportunity!

To avoid the que at Kårhuset Villan during the first week of the semester, we suggest that you renew your membership in the student union online. Please follow this link.

New for this fall is the SpelMästeri, and if you are interested in playing board games we recommend you to speak to our head of social acitivities André.

Another new association is the Section for Students doing Research, ForskSek. Please contact ForskSek for more information, or keep your eyes open for more information on this webpage.