Do you have an idea you want to spread through Tedx 2016?


On 11 May 2016, the third TedxUmeå be arranged on Väven. Do you have a great idea you are passionate about and would like to pass on TedxUmeås scene? Or do you have tips on someone else’s idea worth spreading? Before this year’s TEDx, we are seeking a number of international, national and local speakers who appear at the forefront of development in their respective fields.

– It is important for Umeå University to promote and strengthen cooperation with the business sector and the public sector. By TEDx, we are involved in disseminating new knowledge and ideas between people, organizations and companies. Umeå University is actively seeking new ways to increase the exchange of knowledge – TEDx is one such way, says Agneta Marell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University.

TedxUmeå want to consolidate and strengthen Umeå’s position as a progressive model, and show that Umeå consists of exciting, contradictory and committed people who really want to change the world and believe it is possible. Thus it is in the nature of things that challenge the earlier structures, trying to see what standards are outdated, harmful, or at least counter-productive – if there is a better way to do anything on should not we together seek to find or create it?

To the extent there is a theme for TedxUmeå 2016 is precisely about challenging the former ways and truths, challenging standards in a wide range of areas – music, research, gender roles, creativity, lifestyles. TedxUmeå want to present international, national and local thinkers who provides visitors with at least one aha per speech. Do you have a great idea you are passionate about and would like to pass on TedxUmeås scene? A total of 400 guests to the fabric stage at Lattice. Your speech will be filmed and published on the TEDx YouTube channel. Your speech may be anywhere from 2 minutes to 18 minutes long.

The deadline for your full presentation is 1 March. Submit your idea later than February 10th through our registration form.