Welcome to Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student union

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Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student union is a union for you who is studying at the medical faculty at Umeå University.

Read more about the union here.

Problems with your education?

The main task for the student union is to help you with problems with your education. This service is available for every student at the medical faculty even if you are not a member. When you send in a student case, you will be contacted by the head of educational matters in Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union. This person will be your administrators and represent you during the this period. This individual will also enter information about the event in a register union later uses to compile statistics on the type of student cases that occur. This information is completely anonymous, but the record is also confidential and will not be disclosed to any instance.

Please e-mail us on utbildning@medicinska.se