PhD Pub!


The PhD council would like to invite you to pubs for PhD-students at the medical faculty. Take the opportunity for a break from your thesis and supervisors to hang out with fellow PhD students!

When and where:
Date: November 15th & December 5th
Time: 17:30-22:00
Location: Kårhuset Villan (Student Union House)

Sign up for the pub at least one week before via this form.

If you have any questions, contact Matilda Naesström at:

Erasmus+ traineeship programme


Interested in a traineeship abroad?

What are the available scholarship opportunities? And the eligibility criteria? And how can you apply?

Welcome to an Internationalisation Seminar where we address these questions, and a Q&A session will follow.

8 November, 15.00-16.30 at NUS floor 9, Room D

Welcome all!

Minor Field Studies


If you are at the end of your education, you can apply for Minor Field Studies. If your app-lication is approved, you receive a scholarship to go to a low or middle income country to collect data for your thesis or essay. You can apply no matter which subject you study. The application round for Minor Field Studies in the spring term 2019 is open. The appli-cation deadline is 15 November or 1 February, dependig on when during the term you will carry out the field study.

In October, two information sessions are held. A student who has done field studies will share their experiences. Time: 1 October at 12.15–13.00
Place: Common Ground (below the Medical Library)

At this occasion, a sandwich and coffee or tea is offered to the first 50 students arriving. Time: 10 October, at 12.15–13.00
Place: Vardagsrummet, Humanities Building

Global Health Week Umeå


2018 October 8-12th. Coffee and Sandwich will be served at the events.

Tuesday 9/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Disaster Medicine & Global Health – An Introduction. Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers

Wednesday 10/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45
Rape Prevention Programs in Nairobi – John Kinsman, Associate Professor in Global Health, Epidemiology and Global Health Unit, Umeå University

Thursday 11/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45
Malaria – Johan Normark, Medical Doctor, Specialist in Infectious Diseases at the Umeå University Hospital

Umeå University Hospital, Floor 9, Room D 15-16.30, Internationalisation at home – overcoming challenges, Dr. Jennifer Valcke, Senior lecturer and and education developer,

Friday 12/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Disaster Medicine – When You Are First At The Sight, Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers

Årshögtiden 20 October 2018


Årshögtiden is comparable to the Nobel Prize Award.

At Årshögtiden student marshals are participating. Student marshals hold flags, hand out programmes and help the guests find their way at the ceremony in Aula Nordica at 5 p.m. They hand out programmes at the lectures on Saturday midmorning.

As a thanking gesture the student marshals are invited to the evening banquet in Universum after the ceremony, with a three-course menu and dancing to Renhornen.

Dress code at the ceremony and banquet: White tie and tails and white waistcoat for men and evening gown for women. Student’s cap, white gloves and union ribbon must be worn.

Information and registration: