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Doctoral hats


Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union owns 23 doctoral hats that current and former members of the student union are entitled to rent for the Spring Graduation ceremony. In the case of more requests than hats the Union secretariat will draw lots to decide who will get the chance to rent the hat.

After this procedure the hats will be ready for pick-up at the Union house Villan where a deposition fee of 500 Swedish Kronors are to be paid cash. The deposition fee will be returned to you when the hat is returned in satisfactory condition. The hats available are as follows: one in size 54, four in size 56, four in size 57, six in size 58, five in size 59 and three in size 60. You are very welcome to the Union House Villan to try the hats before you file your request, please observe that you can only file a request for one size. The opening hours at the Union House is 10 am to 1 pm every weekday, and the Union House’s address is Akutvägen 6, 90737 Umeå.

Please register your request here no later than February 26th 2019 at 13.00. Registrations received after this time will not be considered.

You will be notified by the Union secretariat no later than February 27th 2019 if your request has been approved.

Please contact kansli@medicinska.se for more information.

Student marshals to Vårpromotionen


Vårpromotionen 19 May 2018

Vårpromotionen is a formal graduation ceremony where doctors are being honoured.

At Vårpromotionen student marshals are participating. Student marshals hold flags, hand out programmes and help the guests find their way at the ceremony in Aula Nordica at 16.00.

As a thanking gesture the student marshals are invited to the evening banquet in Universum after the ceremony, with a three-course menu and dancing to Renhornen.

Dress code at the ceremony: White tie and tails and white waistcoat for men and evening gown for women. Student’s cap, white gloves and union ribbon must be worn.

Information and registration: www.umu.se/english/about-umu/academic-ceremonies/spring-graduation/student-marshall

Are you interested in Global Health?


Take this chance and go to the Global Health Research Conference in Stockholm the 18-19th of April. The program is filled with interesting lectures and workshops, and the theme is “How can Sweden contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? From Research to Action”.

The medical faculty of the university and the Medical Union is sponsoring a bus to Stockholm for students who participate in the conference – it will be free for you. It will leave early in the morning on the 18th and go home again early on the 20th, so you can take part in the whole conference.

If the bus would get full we will choose students based on motivation and to get a mix of students from different programs.

We are also working on a buddy-system to help participants who need someplace to stay in Stockholm. However, if you have an alternative solution we recommend you solve it on your own.

The student price is 350 SEK.

Read more about the conference here: https://www.facebook.com/events/145230796184328/ och here: http://www.sls.se/utbildning/utbildningsaktiviteter/bz-98-global-health/

Register for the bus here

Deadline 22 of March.

Questions? Send an e-mail to president@ifmsa.se.