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Global Health Week


Monday 9/10
IFMSA Global Health Lunch
12.15-12.45 Common Ground

Global Health Pub with Kåren. With movie screening and live music!
17.00-22.00 Kårhuset Villan

Tuesday 10/10
Why is it important to continue aiming for a fact-based world view?
Klara Johansson, PhD, epidemiology and global health, Umeå University
12.15-12.45,Common Ground

Disaster Medicine – A Global Perspective.
Hanna Jerndal and Joakim Bergman, certified disaster medicine trainers.
17.00-17.45 Betula

Injury Prevention and Care Tanzania : Road Traffic Injuries
Menti Ndile RNT MSc
18.00 – 18.30 Betula

Wednesday 11/10
A world-view on health and well being
Anne Ouma, PhD
12.15-12.45 Common Ground

How the climate change affects the lives of the people in the North
Birgitta Evengård, professor in infectious diseases, Umeå University
17.00-18.00 Betula

Thursday, October 12/10
Using social science to maximize the effectiveness of Zika Risk Communication
John Kinsman, Associate Professor in Global Health, Umeå Universitet
12.15-12.45 Common Ground

Child health in a global perspective
Anneli Ivarsson, professor in public health and clinical medicine, Umeå University
18.30-21.15 Betula

Friday, October 13/10
Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam – What can be done?
Håkan Hanberger, professor in infectious diseases, Linköping University 12.15-12.45 Common Ground

Health on Campus


As part of an effort to improve health and wellness at Umeå University, the School of Sport Sciences has taken the initiative to wake up in the slumbering Student Sports Day.

Wednesday, September 13 is therefore filled with activities on and around the campus. All students and employees are welcome to attend. Drop-in is applied to all activities and of course it’s free of charge!

For full schedule visit

Please note that employees attendance during working hours should be approved by your manager/head of your institution.

All lectures are held in Swedish. Lars Jonasson’s Effects of physical exercise on brain health in older adults at 1 pm in the Humanities building can be held in English on demand.