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Global Health Week Umeå


2018 October 8-12th. Coffee and Sandwich will be served at the events.

Tuesday 9/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Disaster Medicine & Global Health – An Introduction. Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers

Wednesday 10/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45
Rape Prevention Programs in Nairobi – John Kinsman, Associate Professor in Global Health, Epidemiology and Global Health Unit, Umeå University

Thursday 11/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45
Malaria – Johan Normark, Medical Doctor, Specialist in Infectious Diseases at the Umeå University Hospital

Umeå University Hospital, Floor 9, Room D 15-16.30, Internationalisation at home – overcoming challenges, Dr. Jennifer Valcke, Senior lecturer and and education developer,

Friday 12/10: Umeå University Hospital, Common Ground 12.15-12.45,
Disaster Medicine – When You Are First At The Sight, Hanna Jerndal & Joakim Bergman, Medical Doctors & IFMSA Certified Disaster Medicine Trainers

Kempe fonden


Möjligheten finns nu för doktorander att söka medel från Kempefonden igen och jag hoppas du kan hjälpa mig med att sprida information hos er om denna möjlighet?

För att kunna söka krävs att doktoranden är medlem i någon av studentkårerna vid Umeå universitet samt bosatt i Västernorrlands-, Västerbottens- och Norrbottens län.

Ansökningar sker helt digital, vilket också gör att vi kan korta ned beslutstiden något. Sista ansökningsdag är måndagen 8 oktober 23.59.

Instruktioner, kontaktuppgifter till mig och ansökningsformulär finner doktoranderna på och information finns naturligtvis på såväl svenska som engelska.

Årshögtiden 20 October 2018


Årshögtiden is comparable to the Nobel Prize Award.

At Årshögtiden student marshals are participating. Student marshals hold flags, hand out programmes and help the guests find their way at the ceremony in Aula Nordica at 5 p.m. They hand out programmes at the lectures on Saturday midmorning.

As a thanking gesture the student marshals are invited to the evening banquet in Universum after the ceremony, with a three-course menu and dancing to Renhornen.

Dress code at the ceremony and banquet: White tie and tails and white waistcoat for men and evening gown for women. Student’s cap, white gloves and union ribbon must be worn.

Information and registration:


Order your backpack now!


Now is your chance to order a Haglöfs Corker backpack with the logo of the Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union! Maybe you’ve just started uni and is in desperate need of a sturdy backpack to carry the heavy anatomy book in or perhaps you’ve been standing in line previous semesters just to see the last backpack being sold right before your eyes? Maybe you are a student of the Umeå university Medical Faculty but located at another campus and want to order a backpack to collect from the office in Umeå before summer? Whatever the reason – now is your time!


Go here to place an order. The backpacks are available in large and medium, and a variety of colours. You save about 30% of the recommended retail price.

Once you’ve placed your order, which is binding, you will recieve an e-invoice to the e-mail provided in the form. This e-invoice has to be paid for you to be able to pick up your backpack from the Student Union Office at Villan. Estimated delivery to Villan is 2 weeks after the last order has been placed.

Both the form and e-invoice are in Swedish and if you need help with your order or with the payment, please contact our offices.

Last day to place an order is October 7th!

Please contact if you have any questions about the backpacks or the e-invoice.

Are you a new student?


Hi all new students!

Soon the semester will starts and it will be great fun to see the entire campus filled with students again!

The main task of the union

Umeå Medical Student Union is the student for you who is a student at the Faculty of Medicine in Umeå University. It is our mission to conduct education, quality assurance and represent students who have been at the Faculty of Medicine. To us, you can always turn around if you encounter problems related to your education. The union also has the task of ensuring that student life is safe, good and fun!

All programs at the Faculty of Medicine have a study council to which each course elects representatives. The student council represents the students on the courses in the faculty’s program council. To read more about what a study council is, and to contact those chosen during the previous year, click here ( We hope, of course, that you want to get involved in the work of the Student Union!

Mottagning / Reception

The reception is arranged by Umeå University in cooperation with the student unions. Those responsible for the content of the reception are often called generals or main fathers. These people have had a special education both organized by student health at Umeå University and the Student Union. Participation in the reception is of course voluntary, and all activities are either non-alcoholic or offered with non-alcoholic options. The reception is for you to feel welcome to the student city of Umeå, and to get to know your study colleagues that you will share in the coming years. Do not hesitate to contact the student’s social worker at if you have questions regarding the reception.

Membership in Umeå Medical Student Union

Being a member of the union gives you as a student many advantages:
• The member’s membership card required to enter Umeå student hubs and perhaps our own union house, Kårhuset Villan. Something that usually is a standing activity on the reception.
• Ability to engage in student union or get funding for self-organized student activities.
• Opportunity to participate in union arrangements, buy cheap cinematickets for SF bio and the unions sought after backpacks.
• Possibility to participate in FestMästeriets, SpelMästeriet and SportMästeriet’s popular activities and more.


The registration days are during the first semester of the autumn, Monday 3/9, Tuesday 4/9 and Friday 7/9 between 10:00 and 16:00. It is of course possible to come other times as well or our regular opening hours (all weekdays 10-13) later in the term. During the enrollment there is the possibility of signing up and in addition, the union gives you a little surprise as a new member and some good information. Membership costs only 360kr per full year or 200kr per semester, the cheapest on campus!

Valid card identification is required to be able to participate in all the reception activities that take place at Kårhuset Villan and the other student pubs, which usually last a lot during the first two weeks. Your generals will bring you to Kårhuset Villan any of the above enrollment days to offer you the opportunity to enroll you in the choir and take full advantage of student life! This is usually planned in the schedule of the program so you do not miss anything.

For students who study distance courses, or study at half-time, there is the possibility to pay reduced membership fees. Contact the Unions Office at for more information about You think this may apply.


There will be very many students coming to Kårhuset Villan to sign up these days. Our member service Membit offers the opportunity to register via the internet. This is the easiest way to do this via our website, click here or go to The more people who have the opportunity to do this the better. Management simply gets faster, the queues are less and you have the opportunity to take the time to do the fun things ahead of you! If you have previously registered as a student with us, you must log in to pay your fee.

Pre-registration also takes place at the same time payment for membership.

However, it is important to note that even as pre-registered you need to get past Kårhuset Villan, preferably during enrollment, to get a stamped certificate that you are a member so that you have the opportunity to participate in the reception fully before your membership card (Mecenat) come.