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Kårfullmäktige 1


Kårens medlemmar och kårfullmäktiges ledamöter kallas nu till verksamhetsårets första Kårfullmäktige.

Mötet hålls den 25 september med mat från 17:00 i Stora Salen på Kårhuset Villan.

Anmälan görs på länken.

Order your backpack now!


Now is your chance to order a Haglöfs Corker backpack with the logo of the Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union! Maybe you’ve just started uni and is in desperate need of a sturdy backpack to carry the heavy anatomy book in or perhaps you’ve been standing in line previous semesters just to see the last backpack being sold right before your eyes? Maybe you are a student of the Umeå university Medical Faculty but located at another campus and want to order a backpack to collect from the office in Umeå before summer? Whatever the reason – now is your time!


Go here to place an order. The backpacks are available in large and medium, and a variety of colours. You save about 30% of the recommended retail price.

Once you’ve placed your order, which is binding, you will recieve an e-invoice to the e-mail provided in the form. This e-invoice has to be paid for you to be able to pick up your backpack from the Student Union Office at Villan. Estimated delivery to Villan is 2 weeks after the last order has been placed.

Both the form and e-invoice are in Swedish and if you need help with your order or with the payment, please contact our offices.

Last day to place an order is September 29th!

Please contact if you have any questions about the backpacks or the e-invoice.

PhD Pubs


The PhD council would like to invite you to pubs for PhD-students at the medical faculty. Take the opportunity for a break from your thesis and supervisors to hang out with fellow PhD students!

When and where: Date: March 12th, April 25th & May 16th

Time: 17:00-22:00

Location: Kårhuset Villan (Student Union House)

Sign up for the pub at least one week before:


If you have any questions, contact Matilda Naesström at: