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Now its time again! Time to celebrate the student union and yet another year has passed!
Come and eat cake with the union.

When: 170530
Time: 11-13
Place: Kårhuset Villan, the student union.


Cinema in the fall with the union!


Gå på bio eng

Finally! Now you can buy cinema tickets with a good discount.
Price: 100kr/st (Maximum of 10 tickets/student and semester)

To get your tickets, Visit our student office at our union house:
Adress: Klintvägen 55, 90737, Umeå.

New Opportunities


One can guarantee a few things in this life. For example, after spring comes summer, the leaves turn yellow in the fall, a new season of Swedish Idol will be broadcasted and that every fall new and old students come back to Umeå to learn something new which then can be used in the future.

Umeå Medical Student Union (UMS) welcome you all back and take the time to inform about UMS social enquiries. The enquiries ranges from our social gatherings (mentioned below) to the more hidden areas as student health, work safety, work environment and student events. Within UMS we work hard to make all students feel safe and healthy in their working environment. UMS also work to facilitate the students to feel safe to leave their studies for a possible future work.

Our student social gatherings that UMS facilitates:

Kårhuset Villa: Our fine organisation that governs our student union pub. Kårhuset Villan organises everything from dinners to play nights or other mischief. For booking and questions about prices, please contact

FestMästeriet: A group of happy students creating various festive events for example FörYran, brunches and spring- and midwinter prom. For questions or would like to help? please contact

SportMästeriet: SportMästeriet organises sporting events and has as main objective to get the blood pumping a little extra for our students. They organise tournaments in football, floorball and laserdome. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact

et al.: Our own union paper. Are you a whiz at crossword puzzles and the Swedish and English language? Why not write a short text and become immortalized in et al. If you want to tell a story or write about something exciting contact

And our newcomers:

SpelMästeriet: Within this fledgling association’s game in focus. Here students can play ordinary board to more modern electronic games like a Mario Kart tournament. The sky is the limit. Do you crave to become game master? Contact

ForskSek: Abbreviation of the longer Swedish word translated: Section for students interested in research. This group gather students to show their interest in science. The goal of the group is to create conditions for students of the medical faculty to conduct research alongside their studies. Would you like to do research, find projects to work with or assist others to do research? Then this is the thing for you! For questions or interest to be a part of the group, please contact

André Lundgren
Social chair



Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union would like to congratulate those who have been admitted to a program at Umeå Universitys Faculty of Medicine. Being a student is a new period in your Life filled with hard studies, pranks and formation of friendships that often last a lifetime. Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union is an organization for students studying at the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University, independent of program. The student union ensure that the students work environment and the quality of education is at a high level. This task is deposed on us from Umeå University, University Chancellor and Paralment. Student union primarily eork with educational affairs. As a member of Umeå Medical Student must also lot of benefits in the form of discounts around the Umeå and via As a member, you also get the opportunity to visit the local pub; Kårhuset villa (Medical Student Union Building) and the other student union buildings around campus. Many are the benefits of being a member, so join NOW!