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Startup Coffee


Did you know that your menstrual cycle affects your exercise? Scientists on Umeå University has now come up with an app that can customize your workouts by your menstrual cycle. This specialized app will probably change a lot for athletes and you can be one of the first to hear about it at Startup Coffee November 7th.

The app will be released very very soon! Just one thing left – they have no name for it. And they want your help. During a creative workshop, you might come up with a name for the app. Get into your most creative mood and join the fun!

The one that comes up with the best name for the app will win a ticket for the event Startup Landscape (dinner + network event December 14th)

Last but not least: Nord Inc is looking for students that can help them develop Nord Inc. You might be one of them?

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Apply for The Student Health Foundations project grants


30.000:- is available in grants!

The Student Health Foundation was founded by the student unions of Umeå
university and SLU Umeå. Its purpose is to:

”…continue promoting healthcare initiatives for student in Umeå.”

This semester, 30.000:- is available in grants for health promoting projects
aimed towards students at Umeå university and SLU Umeå. If you have an
interesting project, do not hesitate to apply!

Last day of application: 12/11


Union Council


Members and  replacements are called to the union council on wednesday 25/10 kl.17.30 in the great hall of Kårhuset Villan.

The memers of the union are welcome as usual!

Contact the speaker on if you have any questions, or would like to participate!