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Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union would like to congratulate those who have been admitted to a program at Umeå Universitys Faculty of Medicine. Being a student is a new period in your Life filled with hard studies, pranks and formation of friendships that often last a lifetime. Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union is an organization for students studying at the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University, independent of program. The student union ensure that the students work environment and the quality of education is at a high level. This task is deposed on us from Umeå University, University Chancellor and Paralment. Student union primarily eork with educational affairs. As a member of Umeå Medical Student must also lot of benefits in the form of discounts around the Umeå and via As a member, you also get the opportunity to visit the local pub; Kårhuset villa (Medical Student Union Building) and the other student union buildings around campus. Many are the benefits of being a member, so join NOW!