Invitation to the Student Championships during Framtidsmässan 2016


Please see the information below on how to sign up for the competition,

Framtidsmässan 2016 is approaching and will take place April 21 at the Munich Brewery in Stockholm. New this year at the Framtidsmässa is a Student Championships in the public sector that will premiere. Media profiles Fredrik Lindstrom and Kristian Luuk are the hosting the competition. It will be a thrilling competition between students from Swedish universities and colleges about who has the greatest knowledge of the public sector.

The competition takes place at the Munich Brewery at the Framtidsmässan 2016 and has two parts. These subsections consists of a questionnaire and a case, and winners are selected in a notable final.

Gather a group of 3-5 students and email the team name and email addresses for all participants and which University you are studying at to Write “Student Championships” in the subject line. When we received the email we will contact you with further information about the competition.

You do not need to make preparations before, all information will be given on site.

WHERE: Munich Brewery in Stockholm
WHEN: On April 21, at 10:00-16:00
PRICE: Great prizes are promised. The prizes will be presented in advance of Framtidsmässan.

Take a peek on the film about the Student Championships in the public sector: